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Top to Bottom (Deep  Clean) services With a Focus on Health

Our deepest level of cleaning to get in the nooks and crannies and bring your home to our high quality maintenance level of cleaning.

Our top to bottom (deep clean) service is a specialized cleaning service that targets specific areas or issues within your space. This service is more intensive than regular cleaning services and may be necessary if you have not had a professional cleaning in a while, or if you are having professional help for the 1st time.

Top to Bottom deep cleanings can include services such as scrubbing grout, hand wiping baseboards, and window sills, cleaning behind appliances, dusting and cleaning hard-to-reach areas, and sanitizing frequently touched surfaces. We will leave your home in ship shape with this service.

What is Included in a Top to Bottom (One-Time) Clean?
A One-Time cleaning  goes beyond regular housekeeping and bi-weekly maintenance service. We use our proprietary 25-Step Cleaning Process and environmentally preferred tools and products to get your home cleaner and healthier than conventional residential cleaners. We clean top to bottom room-by-room we dust, sweep, mop, scrub, and vacuum to make your home sparkling clean, and smelling fresh and ready for the maintenance recurring service.

Whether your busy schedule has derailed your house cleaning routine or you just need some help with build up and grime, a one-time cleaning service can get things back on track. Choose the only residential deep cleaning service specialist in cleaning for health — choose Eagle Cleaning.

How Often Should a House be Deep Cleaned?

A good rule of thumb is to schedule a deep cleaning at least quarterly. Whether it’s time for spring cleaning or you have a big event planned and you need your home to shine, our one-time cleaning services give you a beautifully clean home for your guests and family.

Even if you stay on top of your housekeeping, after a while, even the cleanest of homes needs a deep cleaning. If you can’t remember the last time you cleaned top to bottom, here are some signs your home may be ready for our one-time cleaning service:

  • You’re moving into a new home
  • Your home has lingering odors
  • Your allergies are going crazy
  • Hard surface floors look dull, and carpets don’t smell fresh
  • Switchplates, door handles and cabinet pulls are surrounded by grime
  • Your bathroom has scale and scum buildup, mildew or mold
  • Your ceilings have cobwebs, and ledges have dust bunnies
  • Your upholstery looks dingy, and your lighting fixtures are covered with dust
  • You have new tenants moving into your rental property
  • You’re moving out of your old home

Our specialist team cleaning approach provides the most comprehensive Top to bottom deluxe cleaning in the industry. The time it takes to “deep clean” your home depends on its condition, specific cleaning issues, and other factors. While every home is different, our proven one-time top to bottom deluxe deep cleaning house strategy ensures our professionally trained teams of two people clean an average of 1,000 square feet per hour. Whether you need top to bottom deluxe deep cleaning services for a one-room studio or a three-story house, we follow a proven plan of action every time.

The cost for a one-time top to bottom deluxe cleaning depending on your cleaning needs and other factors, the cost for a one-time cleaning service varies. We identify the best plan for your needs and your budget. These are some of the factors we consider when we create your personalized quote:

  • Square footage of your home and number of rooms
  • Type of flooring in your house
  • Special surfaces that require unique attention
  • The condition of your home
  • Number of people and pets residing in your home

We price each home individually to ensure our services and home cleaning prices will meet your specific needs and budget. Factors like the size of your home, number of rooms, and its condition will determine the cost for your recurring cleaning needs. For the most accurate estimate, it is best to contact the Eagle Cleaning office serving your area. Enter your zip or postal code on our homepage to find your local provider. Offices provide free, no obligation estimates for cleaning service right over the phone!

Think about how much your time is worth and how much time a cleaning service can save you. The time you save can mean less money spent on yard care, home maintenance, and other tasks—because you now have the time to do it yourself!

That’s because our 100% percent satisfaction guarantee means we want every customer to be happy with every cleaning service we provide. If you aren’t completely delighted with an area our team cleaned, call us within 24 hours and we’ll re-clean it for free—no questions asked.Find out what a one-time top to bottom deluxe cleaning can do for your home when you get your free online estimate today.